Temperature Matters: 3 Packaging Mistakes Disrupting Your Supply Chain

Discover a New Approach to Temperature Management

Temperature Matters: How To Fix 3 Critical Packaging Mistakes You’re Making in Your Supply Chain

On the continuous search for a sustainable temperature-controlled packaging solution?

By taking matters into our own hands, we have revolutionized ways to reuse packaging materials for your products. Join us and our industry expert friends as we share how we’re merging the need for an eco-friendly solution that will protect your temperature-sensitive products.  

After receiving an industry update on sustainability in cold chain logistics, you will: 


  • Learn how to deliver temperature-sensitive products in a secure, controlled, and thermally managed package
  • Ship your products farther without being limited by environmental conditions, receiving more time in transit
  • Take a major step to building a more sustainable, eco-friendly supply chain 

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